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Destination Weddings



Beach Wedding

Destination Selection

With 7+ Years of Experience and Expertise in it's kitty, ANC helps in determining you the right destination as per you and your Family's preferences for that Royal Indian Wedding to bring the most memorable day of your life to reality.

Phone on Desk

 Hospitality & Logistics

Taking care of the Wedding Guests is our Top Priority! From the first "Hello" on call to bidding them adieu in person; Our team at ANC always wears a smile to comfort them like they're our Family!

Beach Wedding

Entertainment & Decor

From your Quirky Mehendi setup to getting your tribe on the dance floor before you say we do, From your Dreamy Wedding Vedi to that Elegant Entry; We Personalise, Execute & Curate it all!

Bespoke Events


Wedding Table Set

Sit Down Dinners

We love food and we are absolutely passionate about curating formal Soiree for HNI's and Corporates too!

Colorful Birthday Party

Luxury Birthday Events

We Design Birthday Celebrations be it Golden Jubilee or for a One year old!

Rings on Hands

Social Events

A Ring Ceremony or a 25th Anniversary, we plan it all.

Celebrations are all about emotions and this is what we love being a part of!

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